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BMWDCSA NANKANG Cup Rd 5 - Regularity

  • 12 Jul 2020
  • Mallala Motorsort Park

Registration is closed

Round 5 - Regularity - Mallala - Sunday 12 July 2020

Round 5 of the 2020 BMWDCSA NANKANG CUP CHALLENGE is at taking place at Mallala Motorsport Park under the TTM Reguality Event.

Due to minmising the potential impacts of COVID-19, numbers are limited to participants only (no spectators/pit-crews)

Bookings wil be done directly with TTM and not through BMWDCSA - but if you are entering - please make sure you register here as well so we can include ou in the Club Cup Challenge Results.

A seperate email wil be sent out to registrants in respect of 'Supplementary Regs"; Event Disclaimer"; & "Scruteneering Checkists" by the Motorsport Co-ordinator.

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