Applicable for cars built in and prior to 1991

Since 1 July 2017 there have been changes to the Club Registration Scheme (Historic Registration).  
The main change is for a rolling 30-year qualification and the other, is that modifications from the original specification will now be allowed.
The Club Conditional Registration Officer needs to verify the build date, which should be on the existing registration papers. 

NOTE:  Club Registration is not intended for use on "Daily Drive" vehicles (max. 90 days usage per year)

As the car owner you need to present the car*, or initially a photo of the car, ID or Compliance Plate and Registration Papers at either a:

Club Meeting held on the 3rd Wednesday each month (except Dec. & Jan.) at the Clubrooms: 262 Tapleys Hill Rd, Seaton

or at

Cars & Coffee every 3rd Sunday of the month 8.00am - 10.00am at the Unley Shopping Centre - check events calendar. 

Before applying for Club Registration you will need to be a Financial Member of the BMW Drivers Club of South Australia and also have paid for a logbook ($10.00) online (click on picture link below). 

NOTE:  Replacement & additional logbooks for extra cars also cost $10.00 each. 

No payments will be accepted at Cars & Coffee or directly to the Club Registrars

Registration allows for up to 90 days Conditional use per year with your logbook requiring revalidation annually, where it is checked, signed and stamped at the renewal of your Club Membership by a Club Conditional Registration Officer at a meeting or event.

Motor Vehicle Registration will cost approximately $90 per year (Renewal can be for 12, 24, or 36 months) plus your Club membership subscription if you are not an existing member.

If not seen initially, your car will need to be seen asap by a Club Conditional Registration Officer at an event or meeting.

Full Members (Single or Family) can only have TWO non-BMW vehicles on Club Registration per 12-month period from their joining date.

Associate Members (Single or Family) can only have ONE vehicle on Club Registration per 12-month period from their joining date. 


NOTE:- If your Club membership lapses, your car is unregistered
and uninsured (even if you have filled in the log book!)

Other makes of classic vehicles are welcome, subject to committee approval, and can also be Club Registered through the BMWDCSA 

For further information, please contact the Club Secretary via

Before applying for Club Registration please read the rules on the link below


The Club Registration Logbook will be issued by the Club Secretary - but it must be paid for "online" before it will be issued by the Club.

After you have attended Service SA to changeover the vehicle registration to "Conditional Historic", you must then present a copy of the Registration Details Certificate to the Club, confirming the changeover, after which the new or replacement logbook will be issued.

Don't forget that the logbook needs to be revalidated annually, as and when your Club Membership is renewed.

Order your LOGBOOK from the Merchandise Store

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